Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in California and our trip to Utah

Right outside Temple Square there was a man playing his bagpipes and if you look close... yup, he's wearing a kilt. It was fun to listen to him.

The next weekend we went to Provo looking for an apartment to rent. We found a house to rent instead! YAY! The next day we went to Temple Square, saw the Joseph Smith movie and walked around in the beauty of all the lights.

Tanner was determined to cut a tree down that was probably the hardest one to get to. But, as usual, he succeed at his task.

This here is my Mountain Man ready to cut down a tree!

The next day, as the Nordstrom Family Tradition, the whole family goes into the forest of Mount Lassen and cuts down their Christmas tree. I'm not in the picture because I'm taking it, but the blonde girl next to Tanner is Kristy's friend.

I am the worst at updating these blogs, so when I have time, I see myself getting in the habit of posting three differnt posts in one day! :) Oh well. So we spent Thanksgiving in California with Tanner's wonderful Family. Our Thankgiving was in the Nordstrom's new home with a candle lite dinner. It was wonderful!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tanner Allen Nordstrom

I've decided to devote this post to the love of my life, my prince charming and knight and shining armor... Tanner. This picture below was taken in the summer as we were getting ready to go riding on our quad in the outskirts of Rexburg.

Tanner works as a Finance Director at Rexburg Motor Sports here in Rexburg. It is the largest powersports dealership in the Northwest and the largest snowmobiler dealership in the nation. We've met and made some wonderful friends while he worked there. There are some perks working at that type of dealership... he can take any motorcyle home that he wants to "try them out". This makes him happy since I don't want him to buy one. Below he's on 2007 Collectors Edition Honda 919. I think he would have bought this bike without telling me if it hadn't sold so fast.

Since winter has finally begun, RMS now has all their snowmobiles out. They have a HUGE showroom floor of them.

See all the crates in the back? Ya, this dealership has all the machines waiting to be put together and sold.

This is our reliable truck. We love our Ford!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My new do

I went to get my hair done yesterday and I knew I wanted to get it colored to get some of the blonde out, but it was a very spontaneous decision to cut off as much as I did. I think she cut off about 4 1/2 inches. I'm getting used to it and Tanner tells me he loves it. (of course :) )

The last 8 months....

Last but not least, the month of November. My Mom, Dani, Grandma and Grandpa Erickson, Todd & Diane came to Rexburg for the Extravadance performance Whitney and Mikaela were in. It was so nice to see my family and have them (Mom & Dani) stay with Tanner and I.

So of course, at the end of the month, we carved pumpkins for Halloween. Mine was cuter.

Tanner left his s'mor on the grill to melt the chocolate... he ended up with a charcoaled gram cracker
The next weekend, Tanner took me on a fun/cold date in the mountains. We took our little grill and roasted marshmellows, made hot chocolate and layed in the truckbed to look at the stars. I only lasted about 15 minutes because of the cold...

The month of October was full of fun dates Tanner took me on. The first was on an unusually warm, beautiful sunny day we went to Idaho Falls and walked the green belt together right in front of the temple and fed the geese. (It was really bright, as you can see with my cute squinting)

The Beautiful Redwoods

The next month, August, Tanner and I took and nice trip to California to see both our family's! The first half was spent in San Fransisco with Courtney and Tyson and my family as they blessed their precious baby Colter. We then drove up to Patrick's Point for the annual Nordstrom camping trip! We had such a blast!

I think the next event in our life would have been 4th of July. We were planning on going to Idaho Falls for the fireworks show, when at about noon, Tanner's sister, Laura, called us and said she had extra tickets to The Stadium of Fire in Provo! We jumped in the truck and got there just in time as the show was starting. The performers were The Blueman Group (awesome) and Myalee Cirus (sorta awesome). The fireworks show was amazing and we drove home right after the show so Tanner could get the work the next day.

This was my favorite activity. We woke up at about 4:30am to be out to the dock to load on a boat and go SNOOBING! This is a mix between scuba diving and snorkling. We went about 25 feet below the surface and saw some amazing things. They served us breakfast on the boat and we did some swimming.

The next day we spent on the warf shopping and that evening went on a dinner cruise and watched whales as the sun was setting.

First we went to a Luau where it rained when we were standing in line, but right when the show started, the rain stopped! It such a neat show with some very talented fire dancers and singers

So the day after the wedding we had the reception then we were off to Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon! The few pictures I'm adding doesn't do justice to how many I actually took and all the things Tanner and I did the week we were there.

Well, since I FINALLY decided to start a blog, I thought it might be fun to fit the last eight months into one post! I thought I'd start with some of my favorite Wedding pictures taken by Vicki with CTR Image.