Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in California and our trip to Utah

Right outside Temple Square there was a man playing his bagpipes and if you look close... yup, he's wearing a kilt. It was fun to listen to him.

The next weekend we went to Provo looking for an apartment to rent. We found a house to rent instead! YAY! The next day we went to Temple Square, saw the Joseph Smith movie and walked around in the beauty of all the lights.

Tanner was determined to cut a tree down that was probably the hardest one to get to. But, as usual, he succeed at his task.

This here is my Mountain Man ready to cut down a tree!

The next day, as the Nordstrom Family Tradition, the whole family goes into the forest of Mount Lassen and cuts down their Christmas tree. I'm not in the picture because I'm taking it, but the blonde girl next to Tanner is Kristy's friend.

I am the worst at updating these blogs, so when I have time, I see myself getting in the habit of posting three differnt posts in one day! :) Oh well. So we spent Thanksgiving in California with Tanner's wonderful Family. Our Thankgiving was in the Nordstrom's new home with a candle lite dinner. It was wonderful!