Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New Home

Introducing.... Our new home!
Tanner & I bought our first house on October 29,2009.

This was our old rental house we lived in. We joked that when people walked by, they probably thought it should be condemned. Now you can see, we weren't kidding. We will always remember this little shanty.
This was the kitchen in the Shanty that only one person could be in at a time because it's so small. You had to turn side-ways if you wanted to get by on another.

Our old Family Room. I didn't paint anything. It came with the colors of the rainbow.

Our new family room.
The people who owned the house before us must have liked ducks. Those are green duck valences and slightly green tinted blinds. Those came right down.

A fews days into our new house, we came home from grocery shopping. As we both carried armfuls of groceries in, I put my keys in the door to open it for us. The next morning, I was running around the house frantic because I couldn't find my keys.
You guessed it, I left them in the door all night. I couldn't get the dang key out, so I had my strong husband try. He broke the key in the door.

The kitchen and bathroom have BEAUTIFUL travertine tile. Those are my favorite rooms.

We have a full apartment in the basement we will soon rent out. It needs a whole lot of TLC. The renters that recently moved out were smokers and had a dog. So now the basement reeks of smoke and urine. Tanner and his brother-in-law, Matthew, ripped up the urine stained carpet. Under the carpet was nasty ceramic tile (like you'd find in a school cafeteria). They broke that all up so we can get it out.

Our big project is getting the basement ready to rent.
It's a feeling I can't describe to be in your own home. It's ours. We can do whatever we want to it. We have a yard we can grow a garden, and a safe neighborhood. My exciting project will be to paint and re-do the family room however I want. :)
We love our home sweet home.