Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

What I love most about birthdays is spending it with family and having my friends wish me happy birthday. Although I don't have family super close we still got to see Tanner's sister, Kristy, when we went up to Salt Lake on Saturday to celebrate! We started out the day by sorta sleeping in (my curse is my body RARELY, if ever, lets me sleep in) and going to this awesome, hard core cross-fit gym class that totally kicked my rear. Afterwards, we got ready to go to the temple. One of the neatest things about living in Utah is we get to pick from a few different temples that are close to attend so I decided I wanted us to go to the Draper Temple since we've never been there. 

In front of Draper Temple
 After the temple, we went to Kristy's house to say hi and see her new car. She was so sweet to let us park at her apartment since she lives soo close to Temple Square and City Creek Mall which is where we went to dinner. City Creek has one of our favorite restaurants: Cheesecake Factory! One of Tanner's best friend's, Matt, met us there with his girlfriend Emily. Although we spend most of the dinner grilling Emily  (and she probably felt like she was being interrogated) she was a champ and we had a great time.

The cheesecake factory employees sang to me and the plate even said my name on it! That's our server in the background. She was awesome :)