Thursday, February 18, 2010

Embarressing Moments....

You know when you're new in church or in school and you're asked to fill out a sheet about yourself? What's your favorite food, or your hobbies or your most embarressing moment? I can never put anything in the embarressing moment part; not because I don't get embarressed, oh no. Because I can never remember what my embarressing moments are. Well this week, I gave myself not one, but two embarressing moments to fill out that section... AND THE WEEKS NOT EVEN OVER. Oh dear.
Sunday morning: woke up early, especially since I felt very unprepared for our first lesson in our new calling as Sunbeam teachers. Gave myself plenty of time to get ready and read over the lesson and say a good prayer for me and Tanner and ask for major help with our Sunbeams. I lost track of time and grabbed my white pea coat as we ran out the door to walk to church. Our building is about 35 steps away from our house and as I walked into the cultural hall for Sacrament meeting, Tanner grabbed my jacked and pulled me back into the foyer. I was mad as heck that he yanked on my coat thinking he may have ripped a seam or something, but then I noticed what he was holding in his hand: a pink plastic coat hanger! I walked all the way to church with the hanger hanging on the back of my coat on a little belt sewn onto the back of my jacket. I was mortified! I brought a coat-hanger to church with me! I don't even want to know how many ward members walking to church behind us noticed the hanger just bouncing back and forth on the back of my coat. I'm sure they got a good laugh. :)

Embarressing moment #2: I have a day off on Wednesdays. That is my day to run errands, go to the gym, clean my house, do whatever I want. The only downside is I used to do all those things on a Saturday with Tanner, now I have to spend the day alone. He surprised me this last Wednesday by showing up around lunch time (I guess not actually JUST to see me... I thought I broke the washer) and we got to go to the lunch together! We got an In N Out gift card for Christmas, so we decided to use it for lunch. Of course In N Out is always packed, so we wait in a big crowd of hungry people for our number to be called. We got a drink to share, so Tanner let me pick what I wanted to drink. I walked up to the fountain drink area and stood there looking at the ice dispenser. There was no little lever to pull or little button to push to get the ice to come out. I thought In N Out was just too advanced for me, so I stuck my cup under it thinking it was motion sensored. I kept putting my cup under it and pulling it back, putting it under again and pulling it back and finally I whined, frustrated to Tanner "How do you work this thing?!" He could not stop laughing at me and pushed the little plastic dispenser thing that says ICE on it and miraculously out comes the ice. He will not let me forget about that one.

So this week has been pretty eventful. I guess I was pretty embarressed by those two stunts I pulled, but it's what makes life fun! What can you do other than laugh at yourself?