Monday, March 30, 2009

The Month of March

It's been decided that I'm a very bad blogger. Since it's been over a month since my last post, I thought I would do a whole MARCH post so you can all see what we've been up to. Just a quick update: I just registered for online classes for BYUI and I'm only taking 6 credits... slowly but surely. I also still work full-time as a Legal Assistant at an attorney's office here in Provo. Tanner is diligently staying up on all his schoolwork and it feels like that's all he does; study and go to class. He is also signed up for a full semester of Spring classes at BYU so he will get no break between semesters. We still know how to have fun in the middle of all the craziness.
The month started with a purchase…. A new table from RC Willey Outlet! Our old two person table is what Tanner likes to call “a POS table from IKEA” but I still love it. Instead of only have two small chairs and barely able to fit 3 people around our old table, we decided to expand and get a beautiful 4 person table! We did have quite the experience with RC Willey though. We got the table & chairs set in boxes, so Tanner got started right away putting everything together. The table was very easy, but once we got to the chairs, those were a little more work. Once we got two of the chairs done and set them on the hard-wood floor to test out… they wobbled like crazy! Boy did that make Tanner angry. I think he spent about three hours trying to figure out if it was his fault that the chairs wobbled. We took them back to the store and they gave us bran-new ones to take home and try again. Tanner put the second set together and they were wobbly too! Yikes I thought he might throw those chairs out the window. I went back to the store AGAIN and they were very nice and easy to work with and gave us the chairs for a HUGE discount and we tried one more time for a third set of chairs. Third times a charm right? Wrong.
I went to the warehouse to pick up the chairs and they were already put together. My first thought was awesome now Tanner doesn’t have to it. Before I loaded them in the truck, I set the chairs on the floor of the warehouse and they were wobbly too! I really didn’t want to call Tanner and tell him that, but I did and he decided he would just have to fix them himself. So he got some of his tools out and cleverly fixed our chairs. They are absolutely beautiful and so comfortable now and not wobbly one bit. :)
We have now come the conclusion that RC Willey makes wobbly chairs.

Where did the time go? This year seemed to go by so fast! We had such a memorable one year anniversary! Tanner’s parents and his little sister came in town that Friday and we all went out to dinner to every man’s favorite meat restaurant: Tucanos. Tanner’s Dad absolutely loved it! Everyone (Tanner's Mom & Dad, his sister Laura & her boyfriend Matt, & Heather) came over for a crepes and eggs breakfast on Saturday morning, the day or our Anniversary! At about 11am, everyone left and by 1pm Tanner & I were on our way to SLC to play! We first stopped at Nordstrom Rack and after shopping, Tanner had a little surprise planned for me. He had made an appointment for me to get a massage! That was wonderful. We then had dinner reservations at the restaurant on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We had an absolutely breathtaking view of the temple as we ate the most delicious food I think I’ve ever had. The night was still young so we took the little free tram over to the gateway mall and did a little shopping and went to the Clark Planetarium. It was so neat! We then checked into the Anniversary Inn and stayed in the coolest room! We felt like we were on vacation and really didn’t want to go back to the real world after that weekend. As I look back, it’s such a good feeling to know that after just one short year, Tanner & I both fall more and more in love with each other each and every day. We can’t wait to celebrate many, many more anniversaries!

The weekend after our anniversary, we packed up and drove to Boise to see my family! I always love going home and I get so excited when we get the chance to. Tanner used to call me a “home-body” and I got a little offended by it, but now I don’t even care. I can be the homiest home-body ever because I love going home, especially on the rare occasion that the WHOLE family is together. Tyson and Courtn
ey & their family came in town that weekend too! The short time we got to spend with them was so great and it was fun to see their son Colter and how his little personality is really starting to show. I hope that he can kind of get to know who Tanner & I are…. His favorite aunt and uncle ;)

This last Saturday Tanner planned a day-date for us! We drove up to North Provo and went to a place called Color Me Mine. It’s a neat little art place where you can paint ceramics. Tanner of course, being the boy he is, chose to paint an old truck and I decided to paint a mug. It was fun to spend the time together doing something we’re both not very good at, but still having a good time.