Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Day started out a little rough, but ended like a fairy tale. On Wednesday after I got to work a little late, I ended up parking on a slight hill. Trying to be precautious, I put the parking brake of the truck on. After work, I decided to run a few errands around town, then pick up Tanner from school. After we got home, Tanner got out of the truck and asked if the parking brake was on.... I slowly reached my hand down to pull it off and said "no." of course he knew it had been on the whole time I drove home and around town because it smelled bad of burning brakes outside. I wanted to crawl in a hole & die! We finally took the truck in to the shop to be looked at and they broke some little part on the brakes and instead of the appoitment taking 45 mins... it took 3 hours. I sat at home the whole time while Tanner was on campus studying and taking an exam. The repair shop was really good to us and they picked Tanner up from campus and didn't charge us for the part they broke and had to order in, then fix. He walked in the door....

With these beautiful roses & chocolates for me and said, "Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!" I was exstatic! I had been getting ready to go all day so we could go out to the grocery store and a funiture store, then to dinner.

I waited for what seemed like forever for him to get home.

We went to a funiture store down the street from our house called the RC Willey Outlet. It's awesome! We've been going there for the last three weekends trying to find a bigger table & more chairs for our house. We finally bought one! I'm so excited! After that, we went to Ruby River for dinner and opened cards/gifts. Originally, we had decided no gifts since our anniversary is next month, but Tanner never follows the rules.

He got me Rascal Flatt tickets!! They're concert is in SLC in two weeks! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Valentine's Day turned out to be such a nice excuse to spend time together. We are absolutely loving life & each other more every day.