Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hogle Zoo and Supercross Races!

Last night Tanner & I went to the Supercross Races at the U of U in Salt Lake! We knew it would be pretty cold so we tried to bundle up. Right after they announced the starters of the race, it began to sprinkle a bit. After of few minutes of this non-sense, it really began to come down. It rained like cats and dogs, then hailed, then snowed then rained some more.... the whole race. We were prepared with ponchos and blankets and stayed for the whole race because we're (well Tanner is) the ultimate fan.

Tanner met a good friend of his from Rexburg, Jake, and his wife at the races. It was so good to see them!

On April 17th, we met Tanner's sister Erin and her family at the Hogle Zoo in SLC! We had such a good time look at all the animals and exhibits they had. I don't think it would have been near as fun if we didn't have the kids with us. :)

This is Tanner and his niece, Olivia, whom he insists to spoil.

I'd never seen a giraffe in real life so I had to take a picture! Tanner didn't seem as enthused because he, "played with them in Africa." Well cool for you!

Me and Erin's youngest son, Aiden.

A rino's rear...