Thursday, January 15, 2009

So this is just a quick post since I haven't updated in a long while... sadly no pictures today. Next time for sure!

So, Tanner & I are all moved in to our little house in Provo. We technically moved everything in on Dec 15th, but the last box was out of the living room just this last Saturday.. YIPEE! Our house is 2 bedroom, built in 1932, with not a stitch of carpet. All wood floors except the intsey winsey bathroom and kitchen. It needs a little TLC but I'm slowly but surely trying to turn it into our little home.

Tanner started school at BYU last Monday and studies way too often. He is taken some pretty tough classes, like calculus (sick). I love meeting him on campus when I can. I can alreayd tell this semester is going to be busy for him.

I started my new job on Monday, the 12th. I am an office assistant at a Law Firm here in Provo. The Law firm represents a collections agency, so people who are trying to run away from paying their bills... I find them and prepare suits to sue them. Sometimes the nature of the job is a little taxing, but I'm just grateful to be employed. Training is not so fun, but my prayers have been answered that I found a full-time job.

We are really starting to love it here in Provo. I can say I have a better sense of direction now because of the gorgeous Mountains. We miss (well, I miss) Idaho and being closer to family, but I look forward to speding time with family that is close; Tanner's sister Laura and the Floyd's.

*More pictures to come* :)