Sunday, February 26, 2012

Future Career

I haven't posted for awhile and my excuse this time is our lives are CRAZY busy and I forget I have a blog! So, I'm in my last year of dental hygiene school (my official graduation date is Dec. 17, 2012!!!) and my class had the opportunity on Saturday to volunteer for a community program called "Give Kids a Smile".  I was little grouchy about having to take the majority of my Saturday to be there but after it was all done, it was so worth it! This program is set up for low-income families to bring their kids to receive x-rays, an exam from a dentist, possibly treatment that needs to be done (ie. extractions, fillings, root canals) and then see a dental hygienist for a cleaning and sealants all for free. A lot of the kids that came had never seen a dentist before. I did cleanings and sealants on a bunch of kids and it was so rewarding and what's really neat is the program was recognized by the local news! The story showed up on Utah's KSL website this morning so I had to post it! I may not be in any of the photos but it was so great to see and help children that do not have the means to see a dentist in a private practice setting because of lack of financial means. I hope one day to continue to volunteer for similar programs to help local families and also travel to third-world countries and help people there. Check out the link! Really cool!