Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jesus wants me for a SUNBEAM teacher

As many of you have noticed, I don't blog. I feel like I have nothing to blog about if I don't have pictures with it, but tonight I've decided I will post something that has no pictures.... just has meaning in my life.
Tanner & I were called as Sunbeam teachers over a year ago. In the beginning, it was a very trying and challenging calling (actually, it still is). Almost each Sunday Tanner asks in his joking manner, "can we ask to be released yet?" I laugh and take a deep breath as I enter opening exercises and and start to consider his joke. Although some of the children test my patience more than I ever thought I could be tested, I realize how much of a blessing this calling really is. Each Sunday, I end up laughing at some of the comments one of the three year olds make. Whether I'm asking them to keep thier hands to themselves, put their bum back on their chair or raise their hand if they want a turn, their sweet spirits and simple lessons help me realize that a simple testimony is all you need.
My class roster:
Tanner: Tobias did you fart? Don't do that again or I'll tell your Dad
Tobias: No, I'll tell your Dad.
Me: Ok class, we are making neclaces with hearts. You draw the things you are thankful for on your paper hearts and we'll attach it to your necklace.
Larissa(the only girl in the class): Here's all my hearts. I used the rest of them because the boys don't want them.
Tanner is in the back of the room throwing the boys around one by one. They are not interested in my heart activity.
Nash is an only child in his family that literally sometimes screams for my attention or makes every lesson topic into an airplane or robot context.
Zeke: Almost every week we end up pulling his thumb from his mouth or his finger from his nose.
I love our three-year olds. The answer to every question is "Jesus" or when the lesson is a bit slow, they won't stop asking when they can color or when one kid has to go the bathroom, all of them all the sudden have to go to the bathroom too. Even though most Sunday's I feel like the kids didn't hear a word I say and I wonder why I take the time to prepare a lesson, I know that those are the Sunday's that are more for me than for them. I am grateful for my calling.