Friday, June 12, 2009

The events in the month of MAY

We began May with my 21st Birthday! You can kinda see the humungous bouquet Tanner sent to my work for me. It was sooooo pretty!
Memorial weekend Tanner & I and Laura and Matthew drove ALL the way to California to see the Nordstroms!! It was absolutely necessary that we eat at the infamous IN-N-OUT.
The next day the whole family drove about 45 minutes north to Berney Falls. We hiked a little ways down to the base of the falls, then all the way back up and around the falls. It was very fun to have the whole family together (even Tanner's Dad flew in from Alasaka to be with everyone!!)

The Sunday before we left, Tanner's best friend, Travis, graduated college from UC Chico State. We are so proud of you Travis!!

From left to right: Jennifer (travis's girlfriend), Travis, Tanner, Me, Dad Nordstrom.

FlOwErS, fLoWeRs EveryWhere!

I'm hoping Mom will appreciate this one....
The end of April, Tanner's Mom came for her annual visit for Women's Conference. She took me, Tanner, Laura and her fiance Matthew to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. It was the most gorgeous site I have ever seen! The pictures don't do it justice.
Us girls were so excited to be there we had to take a picture in their little cardboard tulip thing.
Here is a glimpse of the garden. It was magnificent!

Tanner decided he wanted to be like the little girl statue we saw... what a goof!

Here are a few picutres of the largest man-made waterfall in the country. It was really an amazing site!

My First Motocross!

Tanner got us tickets to the motocross race in SLC at Utah State.
It was a very rainy day and we were afraid it would get rained out! The only event that was cancelled on account of rain was the freestyle competition.
It was stinkin cold that day and for some reason we thought the race would be in a dome. We obviously weren't thinking clearly and didn't dress warm enough in the slightest. The picture above is me in our friend's from Idaho's jacket because I didn't have one!
Despite the cold, Tanner was pretty pleased to be there!

It was so fun for us to watch the race together. We had a great time!

Snow in April???

Good morning to us on April 16th!!
This is what we woke up to that morning. Tanner is such a sweetheart to hurry outside to get the truck started and scrapped for me before I go to work.


April- Happy Birthday Tanner!

April 4th was Tanner’s 24th birthday! We also got lucky that weekend because Whitney came to visit us! The morning of Tanner’s birthday began a little interesting. I got up early that morning to make breakfast and get ready for the day. Whitney woke up a little later and took a shower and began to get ready. She realized she forgot her blow-dryer so I said she could use mine. Unfortunately when she went to use it… it didn’t work!! I had just used it earlier that morning! So, being the hand-man tanner is, he decided he would try to fix it for me.
This is how it turned out.

As you can probably guess he had more fun taking it apart than any success fixing it. Oh, well, iI guess you don't get to see the inside of a blow-dryer everyday! We ended up throwing it away.

For Tanner’s birthday dinner, he decided he wanted to go to a place with lots of good meat… that means Tucanos!! Whitney, Laura and her fiancĂ© Matthew went with us to celebrate.

After that, I planned for everyone to go play laser tag. Tanner’s friend he grew up, Dave, and his wife, Brittney, joined us in the competitive game! Needless to say, our team didn't win. All the couples were against each other and I just kept hiding…
It was so fun!!!!

And after a tiring game, we came back to the house for lemon birthday cake, singing and ice cream.