Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy Bees

Last weekend Tanner & I purchased all the perennial flowers I wanted for my flower beds/pot in the front yard! I am just thrilled to pieces about how my yard turned out. When we bought and moved into the house, it was November so it was difficult to tell what kind of shape the yard was in at that time. When Spring rolled around, we realized quickly that we definitely had our work cut out for us to get the yard looking even half decent. Tanner spent hours upon hours fixing the sprinklers each summer and when Tanner's Dad came to Utah a few weeks ago, they spent a few days getting them all running well. The lawn this summer looks better than it's ever looked! While I was busy planting my flower beds, Tanner decided to build something. If you know Tanner, this is not unusual since he's always got some kind of project he's working on. Finally I took the time to look at what he was doing and it turns out he was building me a raised garden for the backyard! Best birthday present ever!
Sadie checking out the new garden box Tanner built.

YAY for planting my flower beds!

Sadie just wants to be all up in your business with whatever you're doing. She REALLY wanted to help me.

Finished product!

Planted all the plants! We have tomatoes, red and green bell pepper, two types of squash and cucumber!

So the peach tree on the left is the one that's been at the house for years but got very neglected from previous owners so it's completely infested with boars. We bought a new one (little guy on the right) and we'll get the fruit from the old one and dig it up this fall.

The right side of the front door receives much more sun so this has all the "sun required" perennials.

Left side of the front door has all the shade perennials. :)


Finished garden. I'm so excited!

Each Saturday morning Tanner & I spend hours together in the morning manicuring the lawn and pulling weeds and watering our plants. I used to dread it but I've learned to love it now that we are seeing such great results from our hard work... and it's kinda fun to spend the time together! We can't wait to see if our garden will give us any vegetables this year. We will keep you all posted!